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Serengeti National Park entrance fees and Serengeti Safari tour Cost & price

Serengeti Safari cost and how much it costs to go on a Serengeti Safari Tour.

Serengeti Safari Cost: A Serengeti Safari Cost is one component of Serengeti Safari Tour planning that every traveler is interested in knowing before going ahead with other areas of planning a Serengeti Safari Tour. Some travelers think it’s cheap to visit Serengeti National Park while others think it’s expensive but according to experience, we think that the Serengeti Safari Cost or Price depends ultimately on the safari type and experience a traveler is looking for. Some travelers may choose to do budget camping, travel by road from Arusha to the park while others may choose to stay in a luxury safari lodge and fly into Serengeti National Park and automatically their Serengeti Safari cost will be different.

Below are some of the determinants of a Serengeti Safari Cost or price:

The cost of Serengeti National Park Safari Tour is determined by a number of factors that include but are not limited to the following;

Serengeti Park Entrance fees

These are fees set by the Government of Tanzania through TANAPA to facilitate conservation and rangers welfare among others. The fees are paid at any entry point to the park and are valid for 24 Hours and in addition to the park entry fees, tourist who sleep inside the park are required to pay a concession fee though some lodges pay it on behalf of the clients.

Foreigners pay 71.0$ Per person as Serengeti National Park Entrance fees.

The number of days travelers want to spend on a Serengeti safari tour.

A Serengeti safari tour takes from 2 days to as many weeks as one may prefer based on their desired experience and safari affordability. Therefore the number of days a traveler choses to stay in Serengeti National Park will have an effect on both the Serengeti Safari cost per day as well as the entire cost and budget of the Serengeti Safari trip.

When one spends more days in Serengeti, it reduces on the cost per day while on the other hand when few days are spent in Serengeti National Park the cost per day of the Serengeti Safari shoots high.

Therefore we recommend that travelers spend some more days in Serengeti to be able to save some dollars but one’s desired experience and safari goals should be the ultimate guide on how long they can stay in Serengeti.

Preferred level of Comfort in terms of Accommodation

The type of accommodation you choose for your Serengeti Safari tour will have a big impact on total Serengeti Safari cost having it in mind that accommodations in Serengeti are not the cheapest and account for a large percentage of the Serengeti Safari total cost. Additionally the location of the accommodation properties also determine the cost of Serengeti Safari in such a way that lodges close to the wildness of the Serengeti are more expensive than those outside the park.

We recommend that you always share your budget with your Safari planning company for you to be able to get the best options since they have better knowledge of the park and have special relationship with properties.

Timing of the year you want to go for a Serengeti safari

Serengeti national park is always busy in the dry seasons of June to October and December to March because that’s when wildlife spotting is great and easy experience compared to the wet seasons. As a result the number of tourists visiting Serengeti National Park tends to sky rocket during the dry season leading to a rise in the Serengeti Safari cost or price. Wet Seasons attract low Serengeti Safari price or cost but they don’t provide a better opportunity for wildlife spotting, witnessing migration and crossing.

 Desire to take on extra Serengeti Activities

For travelers who don’t just want to do a game drive in Serengeti National Park, you may decide to do extra activities such as Hot Air Balloon Safari, Masai Cultural tour and Spa treatments among other things. These extra activities will lead to an increase in your Serengeti Safari cost compared to one with just game spotting.

Transportation means to and from Serengeti National Park

Travelers who chose to fly into Serengeti National Park will pay extra monies compared to those that decide to drive from Arusha Town to Serengeti National Park.

All in all a Serengeti safari cost defers compared to one desired experience, budget and the time of the year one choses to Visit Serengeti.

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