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How to book Serengeti safari

How to book Serengeti Safari and How to book a safari in Serengeti

A lot of first time Serengeti safari travelers wonder how they can book a safari holiday to Serengeti National Park in Tanzania themselves! Our simple guide to book Serengeti safari with Engabi Tours and Travel Limited will help you book a perfect Serengeti safari tour with ease. Our goal is to make your Serengeti safari planning easy and stress free.

Serengeti wildebeest Mara river crossing
Serengeti wildebeest Mara river crossing

Guide on how to book a Serengeti safari holiday

1- Know what you intend to achieve on your Serengeti Safari

The first thing to do while planning your Serengeti safari is to decide on what you want to do/experience on your Serengeti safari. Serengeti National park has a lot to offer and it’s all about you to choose what you want to do and that question should be answered within your mind before sending your inquiry because that makes it even easier to come up with a once for all travel plan. These include Wildlife viewing or spotting, wildebeest migration experience, Balloon safari and Masai cultural tour among others. Nearby National parks and game reserves are also worth exploring and these include the Ngorongoro Crater which is famous for Black Rhino sightings, Lake Manyara National Park which has beautiful flamingos and Tarangire National park which has plenty of wildlife, from monkeys to elephants and all kinds of species in between.

You may also expand your Serengeti safari with a beach vacation to Zanzibar or take a short flight from the plains of Northern Tanzania to the lush jungles of Bwindi forest national park in Uganda or Volcanoes National park in Rwanda for a Gorilla trekking experience.

Engabi Tours and Travel is more than happy to arrange the next leg of your trip after a Serengeti safari!!

2-Decide on the time of the year you want to go on a Serengeti safari tour

The best time to go on a Serengeti Safari tour is between June and October which is the dry season hence offering you the best views of wildlife in Serengeti National park.

The Month of September is the most active month in Serengeti as it comes with the wildebeest migration Mara River Crossings. The Mara River is the most treacherous Safari site where wildebeest venture into a shallow, crocodile-infested death trap.

3-Insist on a hands on Serengeti safari tour

The more hands-on the safari tour is, the better the Serengeti safari tour and there is no shame in this sort of pampering. Therefore it’s always better  that you find a Serengeti safari where you are deeply debriefed about the daily activities and travel map of your safari and it should ensure that you always have bottled water close to you,  a personal Serengeti safari guide throughout the tour to handle your luggage, escort you back to your lodge or room after dark and politely offers to fetch anything you may need. Engabi Tours and Travel will ensure that you get all these services!!!

4 – Decide on your budget estimate or how much you intend to spend on a Serengeti safari

A Serengeti safari is not a cheap one and therefore you decide on how much you want spend on your holiday in terms of the type of accommodation desired, the mode of transport to and from Serengeti National park and the number of days to stay among others.

The cost of your Serengeti safari holiday is determined by a number of factors that include the number of persons you are traveling with (the higher the number of people, the cheaper the safari trip), standard of accommodation (budget/mid-range or luxury), the mode of transportation (basic vans or Land cruisers), the cost of activity tickets and the season of travel (high season or low season) and the number of days you intend to spend on safari among others.

5 – Make your inquiry by filling in our inquiry form or by sending an email

Kindly send us an email or fill in our inquiry form and our travel advisor shall get back to you as soon as possible with an itinerary or travel plan and a price quotation for your Serengeti safari. If you are not satisfied with the itinerary or the price quoted, you are advised to request for amendments until you are satisfied and once you are satisfied, we shall send your invoice.

6 – Make your safari confirmation deposit payment for your Serengeti Safari holiday

After you have received your Serengeti safari invoice, you will be required to pay a confirmation deposit of 30% of the total invoice amount by money transfer into our bank account or by credit card using a payment link that will be provided on request. This deposited amount is used to secure activities, reserve accommodation and any other services to be booked by us. The remaining balance can then be paid the same way at least a Month to your arrival or by cash on arrival.

Our friendly safari travel advisors are ready to help you put together a Serengeti safari tailored in your own style of travel or to help you join a small group safari and share costs.

CONTACT US for a Serengeti safari tour booking information, advice or a price quotation

You can also whatsapp us on +256 757 341593 (24/7) for an urgent necessary planning of your Serengeti safari holiday!!

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