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Serengeti National Park tour operators and Safari Companies & How to Choose a Serengeti Safari tour Company and travel agent

Serengeti Tour Operators and Safari Companies: Ranked as  one of  East Africa’s finest safari destinations, the Serengeti Eco System is  Tanzania’s largest and most famous National Park covering over 14,763km² of undulating plains and isolated koppies (rocky hills). The Park is known for being home to the annual wildebeest migration comprising at least two million wildebeest, plains zebra, gazelle and predators such as lion, leopard, and cheetah among others. The Serengeti wildebeest Migration is arguably the greatest spectacle of wonders in Africa which every traveler wishes to witness.

At Engabi Tours and Travel, we understand that choosing a reliable Serengeti Tour operator or Safari company for your Serengeti National Park Safari in Tanzania is crucial for a memorable Serengeti Safari though it may actually go wrong in a number of different ways if a wrong Serengeti Safari Tour operator or Safari Company is selected.

There are hundreds of Serengeti safari companies and tour operators that will promise to offer you the very best yet not all of these can deliver. Below are our tested recommended guidelines for choosing a Serengeti Safari Company or tour operator for your Tanzania Safari.

Always endeavor to use a Local Company

Because the local tour operators and Safari companies have better knowledge about the Serengeti National Park and the country at large, they have enormous information and can guarantee a better and memorable Serengeti Safari experience the reason we recommend you use them. However tour operators and safari companies from the neighboring countries like Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya can also offer memorable experiences especially if you are combining your Serengeti Safari tour with Gorilla trekking and other attractions in Uganda, Rwanda or Kenya.

 Find out about the reputation and resources of your preferred Serengeti Tour Operator and Safari Company

After you have selected your Serengeti safari tour operator or Safari Company, make sure you get to know about them in terms of if they are legally operating, have physical address and are knowledgeable about the destination. Additionally get information about their resources such as the cars they have to run safaris, their drivers and how knowledgeable they are about the destination and if they are able to speak the language you understand. Always ensure to avoid operators that request to be paid through Western Union or individual accounts because genuine companies have company accounts in the names of the company or request to be paid through payment links such as Pesa Pal or Pay Pal.

Always take note of the Price and Quality relationship.

Different Serengeti Tour operators and Safari companies will offer different price quotations for same itinerary meaning the quality also will differ greatly. From experience we have learnt that cheap quotation are in most cases not the best in terms of safari quality and the same applies to the expensive quotations.

We therefore recommend that you analyze the different activities you are interested in and the cost of accommodation you intend to stay in to be able to get a clear idea on how much your safari will cost and be able to book a Serengeti safari trip that makes economic sense.

Request for References from Previous clients.

As you come closer to finally make a booking with your selected Serengeti Tour Company, request to have a few references or past clients that they have dealt with. This is an important aspect though there may be a few genuine Serengeti Safari Companies that are new and may not have references however much they might be good and just require a chance to serve you.

Check trip advisor to get reviews about companies!

We guess you are now ready to book your Serengeti Safari and it’s now time to get everything right by communicating your diet or healthy issues, get the timing right and always request for adjustments if you need any to ensure that you get a memorable Serengeti Safari experience.

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